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team building


Tap into your team’s creative talents

Each and every member of your team has untapped creative potential just waiting to emerge. Through group art activities, your team’s imagination will be stretched, communication styles explored, humor unleashed, and understanding enhanced.

Using a variety of art materials, from paint and clay to boxes and material, your team might create a work of art together, sometimes with outrageous limits placed on you to facilitate creative problem solving techniques. At other times, you may work in pairs using non-verbal communication skills to impart information or needs. Or, you might each be asked to create an art work individually (with no emphasis on artistic skills) in response to a theme suggested by the facilitator.


How can art and creativity help your team?

Art making can transform our thoughts into concrete form and allow our imagination to flow. It can sharpen our senses and teach us new ways to communicate complex ideas and insights.

Through making art, your team will gain access to their expressive selves and tap in to a new and dynamic way of communication, while stimulating their imagination and creativity. Each team member will practice new ways of bringing their ideas into focus when they explore their creative potential through art.


How can art and creativity help a team focus?

Art can help to:

  • Stimulate imagination and creativity

  • Develop healthy coping skills

  • Increase self esteem and confidence

  • Identify & clarify issues and concerns

  • Increase self awareness

  • Increase awareness of communication patterns

  • Express feelings that are difficult to discuss


The Melbourne Art Therapy Studio caters especially to your team by offering tailor–made workshops created to fit your workplace needs. There is no emphasis on artistic skill and no previous experience with art materials is necessary to unleash the creativity in each team member.


What people say about team building

with the Melbourne Art Therapy Studio


The team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

It was also important that we were able to have an activity which would allow us to relax while still fulfilling a worthwhile purpose.
The girls were all keen to repeat the exercise next time we are all together.

I don’t think there is anything that could have been done better.


"We had a really lovely day and it's certainly been uplifting for our spirits"


"This has been the most fun we've had on a professional development day"




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