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And The Kind Therapist shared with generosity by Joe Pascoe 2022 

Joe’s poetry books Frangipani and Gum Tree Burning

are available from Reading Sideways Press


The Melbourne Art Therapy Studio has facilitated groups for:


Melbourne Citymission | Brotherhood of St Laurence | Schools Focused Youth Services | Parent Support Network | Mind Australia | Wombat Housing | Salvation Army | Open Place | North Yarra Community Health | Hope Street Youth & Family Services | Odyssey House | MARP | YMCA | City of Melbourne | Moreland Hall | Victoria Manor Aged Care | Blue Cross Yarralea | Grace Gardens Aged Care | Abbotsford Primary School | Meadows Primary School | MacRobertson Girl's High School | McKillop Family Services | Scleroderma Victoria | Lotus Consulting | Multiple Sclerosis Limited | Department of Human Services | Buxton Primary School | Uniting Care ReGen | Feros Care | RMIT Compass | Mooroolbark Secondary College | Thornbury High School | 

" I would however like to thank robyn for the hard work she has done for me over the years she has done so much for me and gone over and beyond and helped me so much i often think i would not be here if it was not for robyn and all her hard work dedication and commitment to art and the art world and activism for refugees and women's rights and love and understanding of the arts.

Robyn goes over and beyond some of her recommendations such as ... and .... have been life savers.

I really cant thank robyn enough she truly goes over and beyond." Artist & participant 2022



"Thanks to you for putting together two full days of 'Art as Therapy' for our small group. The experience was wonderful, and we departed with many creative thoughts running around in our minds. Thanks for being so patient, and for bringing out the unique inner self that is hiding within each of us.

Also, the Focusing workshop was relaxing and calming yet revealing. Another wonderful experience."

Kathleen, South West Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service

"Thank you so much for today. We had a great time. More importantly we feel a sense of 'closure'. Thank you for knowing exactly what we needed and giving us the support and space to meet that need."

Manager, Wesley Misson Victoria, 2010

"I never expected this group to have such a profound impact on the women and myself."


"It has been inspiring, creative, heaps of fun and a great way for us to connect and build friendships. Every week the project has been a surprise and stretches people and challenges us to get out of our comfort zones. Some of the end products have been truly interesting, surprising and inspiring and a little bit insane."


" an Art Therapist you are fantastic and have really made a difference with some of our parents."


"Such a fun and eye opening experience learning about myself and art therapy. It isn't often as adults that we get to play & explore in this way. Highly recommend the session"

"It was a fantastic day filled with fun, knowledge and self reflection." 



Testimonials from group participants 2022

 "Jackie is so warm and safe to be around. I feel very free to be myself in this group.

"I love Erica's tools, resources, exercises, materials & supplementary stuff I. love Erica's insights & therapy!"


"...I loved working with all the different mediums that Erica suggested. I would like to see more classes offered!!! I loved and enjoyed and benefitted greatly from this class and I'm hoping that more classes will be offered soon as I am as keen as mustard to continue attending. Thanks Erica" 


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