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Individual sessions at the Melbourne Art Therapy Studio allow people to explore issues relevant to their personal development and process of change with the support and guidance of a fully qualified, experienced art therapist. Art therapy can help you get to know and accept yourself . It can assist you to understand how you approach tasks, and to understand how your inner perfectionist can help, and possibly hinder your process.  ​


All sessions are catered to the individual who is actively involved in setting therapeutic goals. In many cases the initial stages of therapy you may be assisted in becoming comfortable with the artistic process. You don't need to make art if you don't want to. Individual sessions are suitable for all age groups.


Each session is 1 hour, but 1.5 hours is recommended for the initial session.

Individual sessions can address short term goals or extend over a long period. Many of our participants have been coming for several years, and each person works with art in a way that suits them, with the art therapist there to talk to and guide if needed.  

Sessions usually take place at the Melbourne Art Therapy Studio, but in cases where it is difficult for you to attend, we can come to you.

Art making is optional. Sometimes people just want to talk. That's fine too. Robyn also has a diploma in Gestalt Therapy  . See here for details about Gestalt Therapy

All art materials are provided and no previous experience with art is necessary.

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