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We have been facilitating workshops at the Melbourne Art Therapy Studio for 20 years. The Introduction to Art Therapy workshop has inspired many an art therapist in the making to enrol in one of the courses available and to forge a career in the field. We also facilitate workshops for professional development, and workshops for people to explore different themes and techniques. 


Saturday 24th August 2024


10am-4pm $380 

Join us for a day of making art and discovering more about art therapy. This workshop is suitable for anyone wanting to get to know themselves better through art making and group participation, or for anyone thinking of forging a career as an art therapist. 


The Melbourne Art Therapy Studio’s Introduction to Art Therapy workshops can help answer the following questions: 

What is Art Therapy, and what does an Art Therapist do?
How can it work for me?
How can it work for my clients? (see introduction for Health Professionals)
What if I think I'm no good at art?
Where and how is Art Therapy used?
What are some Art Therapy directives?
What difference do various art materials make?
How can working with metaphor help me get to know myself better?
How can I run art therapy  groups?
Where can I study Art Therapy, and what about professional registration?

Workshop also includes:
A brief history  and context of Art Therapy; 

Case Presentation (Introduction to Art Therapy for Health Professionals);
Your questions about Art Therapy answered. 


facilitated by Robyn deVries (AThR)


Testimonial from workshop participant 

"I really enjoyed every part of the session.

Using different art tools and methods in just one day was amazing. It was cool that we got to try out different ways of doing art therapy.

Even though none of us knew each other before, I could feel a real connection between us during the session. It felt genuine.

I'm hoping I can get into the Master's course to learn more about Art Therapy. I want to explore this field further."

Leda August 2023

NDIS registered provider
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